50 pc. CM "Bison" Body Pack
Price: $4.49more
1/8 oz Black 5 pc. Double Cross Jig Heads
Price: $1.89more
1/64oz Black BARBLESS 5 pc. TM Replacement Heads
Price: $1.89more


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2nd & 3rd Place - 2015 Bass Pro Shops Crappie Master National Championship
By Jeff Smith

We are so proud of our TEAM CRAPPIE MAGNET.!


Summertime Fishin'
By Roy Hawk
Summertime is panfish time - time to get out on the water with family and friends and enjoy some bluegill fishin' and catchin' with Trout Magnets. On a recent trip while fishing for bluegill with Trout Magnet's, 2 lb. SOS on our Sore Lip Rod -  we got on a White Bass [aka "stripe" ...

New Trout Cranks - Now Available.!
By Jeff Smith

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our NEW re-designed 3.5" Trout Cranks AND the ALL-New 4" XD Trout Crank. The NEW 3.5" Trout Cranks feature a larger/stronger bill which will enable you to fish the bait deeper, this is combined with a fish attracting new bo ...

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